This Index is a listing of all companies known to manufacture trailers designed to be

pulled by a motorcycle.  It is not intended to include those who manufacture trailers

designed to transport motorcycles.  If you are in the market for a motorcycle trailer

this Index will help you to become familiar with just about every motorcycle trailer

manufactured in North America.    If you are a motorcycle trailer manufacturer

and would like to be included on this list simply email me with your URL address.

My email address is: 



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revised:  January,  2008


Aero Sport Trailers    

The Little Trailer Company

Scooter Mate   

Third Wheel Trailers

Road Dog Trailers 

Goose Classic  

D & P Enterprises

R. E. Plante    

Ride-Rite Trailers                

American Classic Cargo  

Scooter Mate Trailers     

Matrix Mfg. Company

American Custom Trailers 

Tiny Mite Mfg. Ltd.

Bike Buddies, Inc.  

Eagle Craft           


Roadman Campers

Car Replica Trailers 

Dutchman's Flyer    

Lite Tow Trailers                  

Roadman Motorcycle Camping Trailers

Stema Custom               

Champion Sidecar     

Badapple Trailers                   

Dream Chaser Trailers               

Dart Cargo Trailers       

FoR BRo Trailers                 

Turtle Hull Trailers   

Bike Buddy                          

Diamond Eagle Fabrication                 

Scooter Trailer Company            

Tailwind Trailers                    

Blount County Fabrication            

Scorpion Trailers                 

Piggy Backer Trailers     

Sarasota Trailers                       

Dasz Enterprises                      

California Sidecar                 

Stealth Motorcycle Trailers

Honkys Donkys Trailer Co.         

Motorvation Trailers                    

Kruzer Trailers                          


Amazing Trailers                

N-Line Trailers                            

Kompact Kamp                          

American Legend                   

Com-Pac Camp Ltd.            

Cycle Mate                               

Cellco Motorcycle Trailers          

TNT Motocorp                           


Adventure Sports Products       

R & W Trailers                       

Country Trailers                             


B&F Specialties                     


Fibro Concept                      

Burro Products                         

ZZ Trailers                          

Angel Trailers                      

Dixon Carts                     

Eagle Craft Inc.       20jr.htm

Rover Trailers                       

                                                American Custom Trailers        


                                                Deadhead Trailers                     


                                                East Coast Trailer Worx                


                                                Monogo Trailers                   


                                                Lees-ure Lite Trailers          


end of listing


                                       This web site is owned and maintained by Maurice Bourne, builder of the Aero Sport motorcycle trailer.  

                                        If you are a manufacturer of motorcycle trailers and would like your name added to or removed from

                                        this list please let me know.                       My email address is:         




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